“Never regret thy fall,
O Icarus of the fearless flight.
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light.”


We ❤ Roleplay is OPEN!

With a gorgeous new sim and over 90 designers participating in this month’s round, you really can’t afford to miss out on We ❤ Roleplay!

And whilst you’re patiently waiting to teleport in, make sure to sneak a peak at the official previews, here.

Hair: Pepe Hair — Bohemian

Corset: :[P]: — Nyvane Armor (Rogue) — Available @ WHRP

Pauldrons:  ieQED — rivet.Pauldron — Available @ WHRP

Pants:  FDD Stories — Trissa Pants — Coming Soon to FGC!

Gloves:  FDD Stories — Trissa Gloves — Coming Soon to FGC!

Boots:  FDD Stories — Trissa Boots (Ultra Rare) — Coming Soon to FGC!

Belts:  [Stitched] — Rogue Gacha Belts — Old Item

Necklace/Earrings:  Zibska — Aubrie Set — Available @ WHRP

Lights:  Alegria — Dancing Stars Fireflies — Available @ WHRP

Setting:  INSILICO


“There was no moon. The sky above our heads was inky black. But the sky on the horizon was not dark at all. It was shot with crimson, like a splash of blood. And the ashes blew towards us with the salt wind from the sea.” — Daphne du Maurier, Rebecca


Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens in just under thirteen hours and the previews are flooding in! Keep your eyes peeled and your finger hovering over that teleport button.

Hair:  [Lelutka] — Maleficent — Powder

Headdress: [BlackPearls] — Silver Queen [RARE] — Available @ FGC

Earrings: Zibska — Alivia Earrings — Available @ WHRP

Collar: AME — Dragon Scale Collar — Iron — Available @ WHRP

Dress: .Aisling. — The Heirophant — Available @ WHRP


“I have seen water, it’s water, that’s all…”


We ❤ Roleplay is just around the corner!

Already, previews are promising some great things — and matching very nicely with some previous items. [KoKoLoRes] have released a very pretty hair, in a lovely wavy style that will always grab my attention. That, along with a very romantic/ethereal set from Poet’s Heart and an older item from Fawny come together to make a nice nautical theme. With much more to come yet, don’t forget to go back and grab items from this last round of WHRP and keep your eyes peeled for previews of the upcoming round!

The event opened on the 4th at 3 pm SLT, don’t miss it!

Hair:  [KoKoLoRes] — Fleur — Coming Soon @ WHRP

Top/Underskirt:  Poet’s Heart — Teyla — Sea — Coming Soon @ WHRP

Overskirt:  Fawny — Sea.Princess — Available @ WHRP

Nose chain:  Kibitz — Agda Nose Chain — Coming Soon @ WHRP


Trick of the Light.

A final drop of water,
A trick of the light,
Turns you round you start again,
The lamb was led to slaughter,
It didn’t put up a fight,
‘Cause it believes the afterlife is something that is real…

Trick of the Light.

Another round of We ❤ Roleplay is coming to a close. Make sure that you drop by and grab up anything you have missed before creators come by and pick it up for you!

Without a doubt, some of my favourite items from this past round have been furniture and decorative items. Ravenghost put out a stunning table set and I still can’t get over the beauty and intricacy of the design. Love, love, love those chairs. Another great find, comes from Aisling who have given us great, low-prim candles among other things. A great item for decorators/designers.


Also, a small preview of what’s to come; Luminary has brought out a very beautiful and quite unique gown for the upcoming round of WHRP and I’ve been thoroughly impressed by this dress. The detailing on the bodice alone, got my attention — as well as the fact that it is fitted mesh. Keep your eyes peeled for more previews to come!

Hair: Tableau Vivant — Barley Hair — Summer

Dress: .Luminary. — Meabh Dress — Sea — Coming Soon @ WHRP

Nosechain/Collar: Kibitz — Tulip and Casey Set — Available @ WHRP

Armbands: Aisling — Tallulah Arms — Old Gacha Item

Table/Chair/Drinks Tray: Ravenghost — Medieval Beer Experience Set — Available @ WHRP

Candles: Aisling — Candles Set — Available @ WHRP

Carpet: ISON — Carpet Set — TAG! Gacha

Pots: Apple Fall — Urne de Terra Cuite

Be Gone, Dull Cage.

Going further from the place we come and love, but fear the most
And change your mind, and now we’ll nurse the way we feed like babies, on plastic bags
And tryin’ to chase the light, the time arrives, the time that leads back home
It’s not hard to let go.

Dull Cage.

Something old, something new.

We Roleplay will be closing its doors very soon and opening them again on the 4th of April. So, before you miss out on all the joy of the last round, nip across and make sure you grab anything  you might have missed! Like this fantastic medieval hood from the very talented [Oblivion].

Without a doubt, one of my favourite new additions to the We ❤ Roleplay event has to be [Life in Mono]. I’ve been following this designer for some time now, and I have featured a few of her pieces before now. However, to say that Paris has come on leaps and bounds is probably an understatement. Her most recent dress, Queen Mary, is the perfect example of just how unique and creative this brand can be. You can grab this fantastic gown at the upcoming round of We ❤ RP in a huge array of colors — along with cape and shawl to compliment it. Don’t miss out!

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I wanna be immortal
Like a God in the sky
I wanna be a silk flower
Like I’m never gonna die.


Last chance, fancy pants.

We ❤ Roleplay will be closing soon to begin set-up for the April round so make sure that you swing by and grab everything and anything you might have missed!

Hair:  Soonsiki — Shelly — Blondes — Available @ Collabor88

Dress: [Life in Mono] — Victaria — Teal — Available @ We ❤ Roleplay

Rings: random.Matter — Various rings

Make-up:  Zibska — Available @ Skin Fair 2015

Out of the Darkness.

“Light thinks it travels faster than anything but it is wrong. No matter how fast light travels, it finds the darkness has always got there first, and is waiting for it.” — Terry Pratchett




After great (lacking) patience, I finally have a laptop which can take detailed photographs again! Somewhat /too/ late to only now be talking about the opening of events like We ❤ RP, but better late than never — and with a renewed, childlike joy for graphics and shadow settings in SecondLife. I know, thrilling stuff.


All of that being said, I shant bang on at any length about the opening of We ❤ Roleplay — since I am sure you’ve all been — so this shall be rather short and sweet. Along we We ❤ Roleplay opening, FaMeshed is open, Collabor88 is open and Secret Affair shall be opening soon! Keep your eyes peeled, as I’ll be feature a lot of the items from these events over the coming day.


If, on the off chance, you /haven’t/ managed to get around to We ❤ RP already definitely go and have a look. I was really impressed by the quality of items featured this round and shall be continuing to feature them, despite being a bit late to the party myself. One of the best things about these events is discovering a designer or creator that you haven’t come across before. One such creator this round is Moon Amore. Prior to this round of We ❤ RP, I had not come across this particular shop in my shopping travels but I have to say; I was instantly impressed. Not only are the textures and shape of this dress outstanding, but they are fully customizable with the HUD included in this purchase. It’s such a romantic item, it truly is hard not to like it. I chose to match it up with naturalistic and deep gold accessories. The EVE snake ornament fit so perfectly over the bodice of the gown, I couldn’t resist matching them up together along with the beautiful crown from Zibska — also available at WHRP — and stunning earrings from [Modern.Couture].


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You understand, they got a plan for us

I bet you didn’t know that I was dangerous.


Fantasy Gacha Carnival is OPEN.

In a second break from form, I’ve embraced some good ol’ sci-fi for today’s post.

Alegria have released a really unique set for Fantasy Gacha Carnival, all decked out in metallic shades. It might not be my usual fare but I was really very impressed by the quality of this outfit. It’s very high fantasy and perfect for anyone who’s looking for something of a different look to their rogue. Really, worth a go on the Gacha machine!

Another firm favourite at FGC comes from Aisling.

The Dangara set is yet another beautiful release from Aisling and as you’d expect, every piece is lovely. Oddly enough, my favourite piece is the skirt and I’ve found myself adding it to various outfits and bits and bobs. Really, more versatile than I would have thought. Naturally, the headdress is very impressive and elaborate. One thing that I always love about Aisling is the level of detail and intricacy about their items. I am sure I am not the only one who shall be pouring my Linden into this gacha…

Dangerous Face.

Hair:  Analog Dog — One Trick Pony — Light Blondes

Headdress:  .aisling. — Dangara Tiara (RARE) — Available at FGC

Outfit:  Alegria — Penumbra Rogue Outfit — Black (RARE) — Available at FGC

Boots:  Lassitude & Ennui — Buccaneer Boots — Black

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Dressed in Black.

I had given up
I didn’t know who to trust.
So I designed a shell
Kept me from heaven and hell.

Dressed in Black.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival is officially OPEN.

We ❤ Roleplay is in full swing!

Your pockets are soon to be empty…

In a break from my normal preference for dresses and medieval/fantasy fashion, I was inspired this week to embrace a bit of the rogue and thief feeling from this round of FGC.

One of my guilty pleasures comes in the form of armoured corsets which is admittedly, very much inspired by some of the fashion and costumes from the HBO series, Game of Thrones. Luas has released a /very/ nice armour and accessory set for this round of FGC, with equally great commons on offer as well as two rare sets.

I also have to highlight the absolutely amazing boots (and larger outfit set) from Pixicat for this round of We ❤ Roleplay. I’m a big fan of Pixicat’s work normally and even though these boots are likely never going to make it into my roleplay wardrobe, they are just too beautiful to not blog them.

And in a week where FGC has so many rogue and thief-themed items out, they are perfect.

Hair: [^.^ Ayashi ^.^] Kida — Available at WHRP

Corset: LUAS — Thief Corset — Black (Rare) — Available at FGC

Armour Accessories/Knife: LUAS — Accessories Set — Black — Available at FGC

Necklace/Collar: Peqe — Nuad Collar — Available at ROMP!

Boots: -Pixicat- — Freja Boots — Available at WHRP

Staff: ::B&C:: — Triana Mage Staff — Available at WHRP


Suddenly the clouds have opened up
And I’m being seen in all of my glory
The time has come for fate to decide
If a part of me is even worthy.


My, oh my is this an overdue post.

Anyone who spends their time following events and new releases has certainly had their Schnauze full of them recently. Not only do we have the old favourites, the good ol’ regulars but also some new ones and in all cases, there are some excellent purchases to be made!

We ❤ Roleplay! is most definitely open and chock-a-block full of items for all of your fantasy/medieval/roleplaying purposes. I have to say, one of the most compelling releases this round does not come in the form of clothing and/or accessories — which are my normal fare — but in the form of a stunning new bed from the talented TIA.

The Baron’s Bed is one of the most realistic and beautifully crafted beds I have seen for this genre. It really is worth a look. Especially since it comes with a HUD and can be fully tinted to your own decor preferences.

One of my other favourites comes from Empyrean Forge (as always). Unfortunately, you can’t quite make out the beauty of this jewelry set but take my word for it — and the picture so kindly provided by the WLRP website. It’s lovely.

And of course, the event on the tips of almost everyone’s tongue, is that of Fantasy Gacha Carnival. Having seen some of the previews already, the hype is not unjustified and the breadth of items available — for all tastes, shapes and sizes — is second to none.

One item in particular took my fancy and that is the series of dresses released by Figment.


The Wonderland dresses are a series of high fantasy fashion dresses sporting fishtail trains and imposing, flared collars. It truly is a very striking silhouette and I was immediately taken by it. Coupled with my new favourite necklace from Peqe (available at ROMP!) and the very pretty headdress from Kibitz, the overall effect is something striking. It is definitely a dress to impress and can be yours tomorrow, once you break through the crowds to get it!

Keep in mind that FGC are running their best-dressed event, too! Details of the Contest are included below, make sure you jot them down because there are some great prizes to be won.

FGC NOV new logo

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